This is a powerful asset to your health, as it not only removes the negative energy but by changing it to positive energy it has an excellent effect on your well-being.

Back Wooden Massager Pain Relief For All Family

$379.99 $299.99

Additional information

Designed for sports, medical, domestic use, for professional athletes, rehabilitation doctors.

Scope of application.

This model can be used in gyms,

dispensaries, rest homes, resorts,

hospitals, specialized clinics.


After a more detailed study of the

technique on the device, you can do up to

a dozen super useful exercises:

- self-massage of the lower back;

- self-massage of the neck;

- self-massage of the buttocks

and sciatic nerve zone;

- punching the abdomen to enhance

metabolism and weight loss;

- Powerfully pump the abdominal muscles.


The device is made of durable

environmentally friendly wood.

Withstands body weight up to 200 kg.

Weight 7.5 kg

Nano Tourmaline and Swarovski Bracelets Collection

We use advanced Negative Ion Technology to design and produce our bracelets. Wear one and feel the difference in your daily life! Generated by effects in nature, negative ions are beneficial for our health, bracelets help you bring that balance back.