How the CARE Medical History Bracelet Works

With the NanoID Medical History Bracelet and the preloaded NanoID e-Manager Software, you can take control of your medical history. This powerful and easy to use software allows you to enter your complete personal health history which you can then easily download to the memory device in the band. And because you’ll always have the NanoID Medical History Bracelet with you, medical staff can quickly and securely view records on the spot, whether in a doctor’s office or an emergency responder’s laptop.

That means your general physician knows the tests your specialist ordered… Your daughter’s drug allergies are listed in the confusion surrounding an accident… When you are on a business trip and no one with you knows your information, the NanoID Medical History has it all recorded.

You can store your entire family’s medical history on one band! This system allows you to quickly and easily organize the complete personal medical histories of every family member through one simple program. The NanoID Medical History Bracelet is ideal for business travelers, athletes, college students, babysitters, caregivers, those with allergies and children going away to camp.

The charts, forms and checklists provide you, a parent or a caregiver the ability to track medical history with an easy-to-use record system. You can maintain and update your medical records on your computer — log immunizations, health tests, medications, diagnostics, insurance references, resources and contacts as well as emergency data like allergies and potential complications.

There are NO MONTHLY FEES and INTERNET ACCESS IS NOT REQUIRED to input your information or for medical professionals to read your medical history.

You can also electronically transfer or print all of this information for new health care providers, insurance companies and family files.


1 Private & Portable
2 Easy to update unlike engraved bands
3 Durable & Waterproof
4 Software included on wrist band

What Does it Do?

In an emergency, the bracelet can be plugged into any computer, providing instant access to your complete health history including:

  • List of all medications and medical conditions
  • Insurance and primary physician information
  • Emergency contact information.

With complete access to medical history, you won’t forget or confuse vital information during an emergency. Your information stays organized, updated and under your control.

  • You control the information entered
  • Very easy-to-use software, included on wristband
  • Easily transfer or print information for healthcare provider or insurance company
  • No internet storage and no additional fees.