Portable purity Oxygen Concentrator


Portable purity Oxygen Concentrator Machine Generator.


Portable purity Oxygen Concentrator Machine Generator.

  • This oxygen generator was only for home health class oxygen machine, our home machine produce Oxygen 1L per minute, it is fixed and cannot be adjusted.
  • Determination of oxygen concentration greater than 40%* 1L / min oxygen concentration flow, 20 C / hourly pressure, 60% rh/ relative humidity, This oxygen production was meet the European and American health standards for oxygen, if you need more oxygen, we recommended that you can buy medical equipment and more than 3L adjustable oxygen generator.
  • Unique design of oxygen concentrator: one-button start, can be placed horizontally and vertically, with highlight led lamp. Oxygen concentrator with dual air filter, leading international advanced technology.
  • Home oxygen machine imported French molecular sieve. High concentration of oxygen, compressed atomization, negative ion sterilization.

NOTE: after 40-45 minutes of automatic shutdown, you need to restart the project.

  • Oxygen concentration * flow; 20°C / hourly pressure, 60% RH / relative humidity.
  • Determination of oxygen concentration greater than 40% 1L / min.
  • Inhalation: nasal inhaler
  • Spray speed: ≥0.2ml/ min
  • Negative ion: about 300,000 / cm3 (electron irradiation)
  • Noise: about 45dB (measured at a distance of one meter from the product)
  • Pressure range: ≧83KPa
  • Touch controller
  • 1* Oxygen maker machine
  • 1 * Headphone respirator
  • 1 * Atomizing mask
  • 1* Breathing tube
  • 1* Oxygen bag
  • 1* Home power(The default is CN/US plug, and we will send EU, AU adapter)
  • 1* Car power adapter
  • 1* Gift package


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